square rope
  • square rope
  • aluminum foil coated cloth
  • sleeve
  • aramid rope with carbon fiber reinforced core
  • 1350 sintered cloth
  • tape
  • standard cloth
  • round rope
  • rope with graphite coating

Ceramic Fiber Textiles

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Product Description

Including: 1. Ceramic Fiber Tape 2. Ceramic Fiber Rope Round Braided Rope; Twisted Rope(yarn); Square Braided Rope; Twisted Rope (wicker) 3. Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Specifications︰ 1. Classification (°C): 1260

2. Organic content %: ≤ 15

3. Package Woven bag outside

Advantages︰ Excellent high temperature stability
Excellent tensile strength
Excellent thermal electrical insulation
Excellent chemical stability resistance
Low thermal conductivity
Export Markets︰ Europe, Asia, Middle east

Product Image

square ropesquare rope

aluminum foil coated clothaluminum foil coated cloth


aramid rope with carbon fiber reinforced corearamid rope with carbon fiber reinforced core

1350 sintered cloth1350 sintered cloth


standard clothstandard cloth

round roperound rope

rope with graphite coatingrope with graphite coating